Bus Ride

to Church

Matthew 11:28

15051 S. Grant Ave. Dolton, Il 60419

How it works

Please give our pastors a call, in order to schedule a ride. Please schedule early before the event or service so we can plan our trips for Sunday service or event.

Pastor Johnson Adeleke 733-216-3736  Or Pastor Jacob Afolabi 773-240-0944 

Pastor Johnson Adeleke 

(773) 216-3736

Pastor Jacob Afolabi

(773) 240-0944


Thank you for being there for us, when our car broke down and we had to get to church. 

– Anonymous

It is not just about the transportation to church but the joy of the Lord that you share with us. It goes a long way beginning with the warming of our hearts. Thank you for all that you do. 

–  Anonymous